An NFT with an ecosystem. Exclusive access to physical events, receive access artwork from incredible artists and creators. A key to live events around the world – from physical perks at events and after parties, to on-chain rewards including physical and virtual gallery space.

Unprecedented utility and access in global locations on event days, both physical and virtual

Access to multiple curated NFT drops. These will include limited edition runs of artworks and new NFT projects from some of the world’s most exciting digital and physical artists.

Win or guarantee yourself a chance to showcase your NFT on the world stage at ethereal collective events and galleries

Have the chance to win some of the best digital art and NFTs from a number of collections including Bayc, Damien Hirst and more

Become part of a community of blockchain, web3 & artist and collectors alike. Meet artists in real life, vibe and collaborate online.

Access to educational sessions that will explore the leading creatives behind the web3 & crypto art scene. Understanding the events of web3 on multiple use cases such as art and music digital ownership and provenance.