Incomparable Digital Experiences.

We now live in a digital age. How brands and businesses connect is more important than ever. From finance to pharmaceutical, consumer goods to consulting, the world’s most innovative companies are utilising the metaverse.


An easy to understand entry point.

NEXA is an application that takes relevant, popular internet applications and integrations whilst merging with future proof technology. This creates an environment where brands and their audience can connect on a new level.

Unreal Engine

The Most Powerful 3D Creation Tool

NEXA leverages the power of Unreal Engine. The world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photoreal visuals and immersive experiences. We are the platform of choice to host multiplayer, Unreal Engine metaverse worlds.

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List of Powerful


Application based multiuser 3D environment

Mobile, VR & Desktop Support

Persistent or Non-Persistent Hosting

Showrooms, Product Showcase, Event & Workshop spaces

Custom designed 3D environments (design & size)

Custom corporate avatar design and animation

Avatar, orbit and website navigation

Custom designed 3D environments (design & size)

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