Working with some of the most influential artistic and creative minds of our time we are building a community with the objective of creating an eco-system of collectors and collaborators alike, in turn bringing about opportunities and experiences that reward those that support. Recent opportunities included showcase at events such a IRLNFT London, BlockDown Conference Croatia and Metacon Dubai.

Art Supporter Token \\ 2000 Editions \\ In addition to free access to all EC held or affiliated events. Holders are eligible for Giveaways, Whitelist Raffles, Alpha Groups, Pre-Sales and EC Artist and Metaverse (NEXA) Airdrops.

Ambassador Token \\ 400 Editions \\ An upgraded experience for the decentralised world. You will get the ability to showcase your art in global physical and digital locations curated by EC.

Artist Token \\ 100 Editions \\ Access to our ecosystem via curation. EC Artists are chosen to represent the community and given full rights for showcase at events. Including the option to auction art at select events.

Founder Token \\ 168 Editions \\ Awarded to partners, projects and collaborators of EC.

Sponsor Token \\ 20 Editions \\ Awarded to key sponsors of the EC Ecosystem.

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