This is one of ten portraits from the NFT collection, Suffrage, a World of Women grant-funded project that shines a light on the remarkable women who inspired the Suffragette and Suffragist movements. Income raised will enable us to fund new female artists to contribute to the collection and donate to both female-focused and humanitarian causes. Simon Eastwood, a World of Women investor, won the grant, his proposal inspired by the fact that his great, great aunt was Dame Ethel Smyth, depicted here. Dame Ethel was an eminent composer, suffragette, sportswoman, and writer, known for her passionate public and private life. Simon commissioned the artist StrawberrySpiced, a previous winner of the World of Women Curator’s Club. Our vision is to continue to build the collection, drawing upon the talents of an array of different female artists to depict each new suffragette and suffragist we choose to add. You will see on Opensea in the ‘Description’ section beneath each portrait, a link to a biography or article, giving an insight into the lives and achievements of these extraordinary women.